The 5 Best Anti Aging Tips for Men: Look As Good As Your Partner!

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Most men look older than their wives or girlfriends because of the simple fact that they don’t get into an anti aging routine. The un-energized look in your eyes is solely on you fellas, so let’s discuss the top tips we can give you to help you slow down the aging process and make you look better than ever.

1. Start with the basics. Figure out your skin type and begin a basic skincare routine daily. Wash your face morning and night and follow up with a skin type appropriate moisturizer. Washing your face daily will help restore hydration to make you look more energized and alert while diminishing wrinkles and prolonging your skin’s texture.

2. Invest in a night cream. Night creams and serums seem to be very feminine, but more companies than ever are creating skincare lines for men that help anti aging. You don’t need 4 or 5 products to do what you need. Find an all-in-one product and use it before bed. Your body naturally repairs while you sleep, so applying at night will help restore skin cells and slow down aging. If you want even better results, add a serum before you apply your night cream. A serum will speed up collagen production and penetrate deeper than your night cream.

3. Try an under-eye cream. If you have heavy dark circles or under-eye bags, you can use an under-eye cream to help. If you apply in the morning, you can dramatically reduce the tired look of under-eyes. Apply before your all-in-one moisturizer and watch yourself transform into a well-rested man. Aim to find one that is light, without a tint of color, so no one knows you have anything on.

4. Stay out of the sun! If you find yourself getting sunburnt often, invest in a good sunscreen. UV rays are your skins worst enemy. The sun intensifies the aging process and makes your skin dry and flaky. Reapply as directed and avoid the sun as much ass possible.

5. Sleep well, exercise and eat a balanced diet. It’s been told to us since we were kids; get enough sleep, make sure you exercise every day and eat a healthy meal. You need to be sure to take care of your body from the inside out. If you’re fueling your workouts with fast food and staying up all night at the bar, your skin will be the first to show it. Don’t let your newfound skincare routine go to waste by not sticking with what our parents taught us.