A Nighttime Routine to Get You the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had!

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As much as we’d hope, the process of falling to sleep each night isn’t as easy as we think it will be. Even when we are completely exhausted, our sleep seems so far away. From our cell phones, to our tv shows, to work stress, there always seems to be something in the way from you and a good night’s rest. These tips will help you get your nightly routine down so you can be productive both when you get home and when you get in bed.

  • 4-5 hours before bed

Ideally, the only kind of exercise you should be doing before bed is stretching or yoga. However, we know most of the time the only free time we have to squeeze in some exercise is when we get home. Intense workouts spike your adrenaline and put your body into a high alert mode. You need to give your body a few hours to wind down after an intense work out and try to keep vigorous exercises to right after work or in the afternoon.

  • 3 hours before bed

We all know the last meal of the day is the best. Try to make sure you’re eating dinner at a decent hour and it’s a balanced meal of lean protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Eating 3 hours before bed gives your body amble time to digest the meal and avoid any stomach irritation. If you’re a late night snacker, try to eat something under 200 calories that’s equal parts high-fiber carbs and a satisfying protein (like cheese and crackers or an apple and peanut butter). Dairy, seafood and poultry all have “tryptophan”, which when consumed gets converted to melatonin by our bodies.

  • 2 hours before bed

A nice calming herbal tea before bed will promote relaxation and relieve stress. Stick with an herbal tea, which has no caffeine and try to skip sweetener. If you don’t like hot tea, try a cup of tart cherry juice, which is high in melatonin, nature’s nighttime remedy.  

  • 2 hours before bed

While you enjoy your herbal tea or cherry juice, also try journaling. As you lay in bed and struggle with a racing mind, sleep becomes almost impossible. Try jotting down your thoughts 2 hours before bed. Organize your worries and fears into categories and even attempt to make a to-do list for the next day if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  • 1 hour before bed

Ditch your screens! Turn off your tvs, power down or silence your phones and switch out your Kindle for a real book. The blue light emitted from our electronics hinder melatonin productions and disrupt our internal clock.

  • 1 hour before bed

Meditate! Try a mindfulness meditation instead of scrolling through social media. Mindfulness meditations have been shown to promote emotional regulation and an over all better well-being. Sit quietly in a quiet space and focus on your breathing for 10 minutes.

  • 5 minutes before bed

Try incorporating some essential oils into your bedroom. You can use a spry bottle, oil diffuser, or a roller to help set the mood for some quality sleep.