10 Tricks to Look More Attractive, Instantly!

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need the flawless bone structure, you don’t need penetrating blue eyes, and you don’t need to be tall dark and handsome. Because if you use all of these 10 mighty tricks, you’ll have natural-looking, insanely good-looking face that women will love.

1. 5’ O Clock Shadow

Linked to a full beard, a clean-shaven face, or somewhere in between, the 5 o’clock shadow is flawless for enhancing an attractive, sharp dimension to the face while also producing the appearance of a strong jawline. Think about it: The 5 o’clock shadow is fundamentally the male counterpart of wearing makeup except with less work.  The only thing to consider is to just make sure your facial hair doesn’t get too long, or too short. If you can’t develop stubble generous enough to pull this off, try one of the next few tricks instead.

2. Symmetry

Nobody’s face is seamlessly symmetrical, and guys with more symmetrical features are seen as rarer to women, than guys without them. So, for guys whose faces might be a little irregular, there’s a cunning way to construct the misconception of symmetry, that starts from the top of your head, down. Style your hair in a way that differences the rounder aspects of your face, while still highlighting the squarer parts. This way you improve your hairstyle to work with you, and not against you. Not sure what style is best? The simplest way to do it is to visit a stylist or barber who knows what they’re doing. If you don’t have the hair for it? Try creating that same balance with the right hat.

3. The Good Side

It may sound simple: But you can select which side you present to girls. As a guy, you get hoodwinked almost every day by women who only show you what they want you to see. And that trick, gentlemen, goes both ways. Pick which side you like best and stick with it.

4. Standardize Skincare

Here’s one thing we noticed: It seems that all too often, guys will worry about how good-looking their face looks, without doing anything about the most obvious part of their face, their skin! So, we’re going to say this simply: Women LOVE guys with sanitary, unblemished, and attractive skin. How do you get skin that women love? Wash your face morning and night to ensure your skin is clean and to prevent blemishes. Use a moisturizer, sunscreen, and even an under-eye serum to help with dark circles and bags. Then if need be, try consulting with a dermatologist if you’re still struggling with acne and break outs.

5. Remain Approachable

The human face has 43 muscles! A lot of guys think that just because the face is where the mouth is, the only connecting it needs to do is through verbal speaking. Not true. Without saying a word, your face can do a lot of talking (and flirting) on its own. By being more welcoming & approachable in general, vibrant faces are automatically more attractive. First off, talk! If you’re not talking, moving your face might look a little weird. Then, remember to smile. The best expression you can make a habit of doing is smiling no matter what. Lastly, learn to use your eyebrows. Because you may not recognize it, but your brow line is the key to inaudible, understood communication.

6. Consider Glasses

Even if you’ve got 20/20 vision, glasses just might be the way to make your face 20 times more appealing. Wearing glasses has been scientifically proven to make faces seem more intelligent than they are. It helps you become more of an intellectual and makes you more approachable while softening your features.

7. Stretch Your Neck In Pictures

An old photography trick that’ll take care of that bothersome double chin, but also create an appealing angular face in your pictures is stretching out your neck when taking pictures. The pose is nearly unnoticeable in straight-on photos, while also constructing the perfect illusion of a leaner face especially around the jaw. Even though a little bit of fat underneath the chin is normal, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to let it slip into your pictures.

8. Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re looking for an easy way to instantaneously gain a few points, whitening your teeth has to be the simplest way to do it. Why? Because no matter what else might be “wrong” with your face, white teeth are a standout article that makes a huge first impression, while also making your face more eye-catching to practically any girl. Go to the store and grab an inexpensive whitening kit (or go big and go to the dentist). Smear a few times and see how many praises you get when you flash your pearly whites.

9. Sleep Well

You’d look a whole lot healthier if you got some sleep. If there’s one thing any guy can do to rapidly create a healthy, spirited, and attractive face it’s get more sleep. If you don’t already know, guys, sleep is CENTRAL to brightening up dull, lethargic faces. It’s also the top-secret weapon to the kind of seize the day approach that really makes you look respectable to women.

10. Exercise

A close relation to sleep and the number one trick to a more attractive face, is getting a fit body. It’s scientifically proven: faces on in-shape bodies appear more appealing than face on unfit bodies. Why? Because exercise unaccompanied with good sleep hits every single feature of facial attractiveness. It surges testosterone, decreases facial fatty tissue which stimulates symmetry, proven to progress mental clarity & confidence, and most of all, it gives you the distinctive light in your eye of power and wholesome health.